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Mag 6.7

On Omega, this is track five, a hard trance trip into paranoia. Background When it was decided that my young daughter and her mother were moving out to the west coast, I was launched into all sorts of fears. My main aversion to that area is earthquakes. Sometime before they had made the decision, there […]

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Where Are You

This song is track three on Omega, and was a pseudo-collaboration with my sister. Background The track began as an experiment to try and create a track that sounded like Underworld circa 1994. I wanted something long and ambient but dance-able also. When the sequencing was finished, I thought that it needed something and tried […]

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Lullabye is the second track on the Omega album. It was originally composed in 1986 when I was 14 on a crappy Casio keyboard which was the only musical outlet I had at the time. For posterity, I scored the melody and chords on staff paper, along with some other head candy and probably I […]

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