This song is track three on Omega, and was a pseudo-collaboration with my sister.


The track began as an experiment to try and create a track that sounded like Underworld circa 1994. I wanted something long and ambient but dance-able also.

When the sequencing was finished, I thought that it needed something and tried to write lyrics, some kind of a tone poem, but it was not something I was used to doing. In the end I put out a call to all my writer friends asking if they had any poems that would be willing to contribute, and I got this one from my sister entitled “Where Were You”. I liked the tone of it so I recorded myself reciting it into a set of headphones plugged into my mic jack which gave it a really lo-fi sound. Then I manually chopped it up and elongated it in spots in a wave editor and distributed it across the length of the song.

The poem tells of a lonely soul, abandoned, questioning the loyalty of those around them, and then discovering — by way of necessity — their own inner strength.

Where Are You is the track that I started to rediscover the sound of my favourite instrument, the piano. It begins to appear more commonly in my work after this.


The follow-up album Glory featured a remix of this in a EBM style, which was inspired by VNV Nation and Front 242.

There is also a version of this which contains a drum sample from ‘Crazy’ by Seal, but that was replaced by sequenced drums when the album was released online.


Where were you
I looked for you
Where were you
I was all alone
And insignificant
In need of a dream
Something I could cling to
Where were you
When I got scared
What happened to you
I was left
In need of a promise
Something to believe in
Where were you
Now I sit still alone
Wondering what happened to you
But now I have a dream
A goal
An aim
It’s not much
It’s not a promise
But I think I can believe
In you again


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine.
remixed by The Immaculate Contraption.


lyrics written by Heather Mowery.




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